At Mixed Up Burgers, our goal is to offer the best burgers in Grand Prairie — or anywhere else for that matter! We do that by allowing you to pick which “mix-ins” you want, then from there, we quite literally mix them into the burger patty, flatten it out, and then grill it up. The end result is just as delicious as you’re imagining it could be.

Admittedly, we’re a little bit biased, but we’re thinking that this very day is the perfect day to visit us and grab a burger. Why is that, you ask? Let us count the reasons.

Why Today Is the Day to Visit Mixed Up Burgers

Deals, Deals, Deals

No matter what day you choose to visit us, you’ll be treated to one of our daily specials. On Mondays, we offer .65 cent wings. Tuesdays you get half price burgers, Wednesdays we offer a slider combo basket, Thursdays give you $4.89 cheeseburgers, and so on. On Saturdays, we even offer half price kid’s meals! We also have other specials that we offer regularly, so visit us today to see what’s going on today!

There’s Something For Everyone

What are you in the mood for? Chances are that we have it — or something pretty darned close to it anyway! Just take a look at our menu and you’ll see that there’s something that’s sure to catch your eye. With plenty of options for starters, salads, burgers, sandwiches, baskets, sides, beers, and wines, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering foods to enjoy.

Craft Your Own Signature Burger

Sometimes you just want to try something different. We get it! We’ve worked hard to offer a menu that caters to just about everyone, but sometimes you know exactly what you want on your burger and the restaurant you visit doesn’t offer that. We have you covered. As we mentioned above, we offer a number of mix-ins for your burger. These include bacon, jalapenos, mushrooms, onions, ham, grilled bell peppers, mild green chiles, various cheeses, barbecue sauce, worcestershire, spices, and more. In other words, no matter what unique combination of ingredients you want your burger to have, we’re happy to grill it up for you.

Visit Us Today

So what makes today the perfect day for a burger? Well…when you really think about it, isn’t every day the perfect day for a burger? Whether you know us because you’ve been here countless times or you just Googled “best burgers near me” and we’re the first one that popped up, we’d love to see you. Whatever the reason for your visit, the folks here at Mixed Up Burgers will greet you with a smile and take great care of you.

There’s nothing we love more than sharing what we’re passionate about, and in case you couldn’t tell, it’s the food that we serve in the community that we live in. We love Grand Prairie and we’re proud to be one of its many great restaurants. Stop in and visit us today! We look forward to seeing you!