It’s been a particularly long day at work and you’re ready for a change of pace. Allow us to pose a question: is there anything more comforting than a great burger? And allow us to answer, if you will: no, there really isn’t. 

At Mixed Up Burgers, our goal is to offer our patrons the absolute best burgers in Grand Prairie — or anywhere else for that matter! But what exactly is it that makes them so great? If you’ve been here before, then you know. If you haven’t visited us yet, keep reading to learn more!

That Is a Tasty Burger!

If you’re wondering what’s so mixed up about our burgers, it’s the burgers themselves. Allow us to explain. Our restaurant is more than just a great sports bar. Instead, we offer a number of mix-ins that you can choose from to completely customize your burger. From there, we literally mix the ingredients into the patty and then slap it onto our flat top. The end result is a delicious burger that was crafted just for you. It really doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Often described as being “unforgettably delicious,” our food is made to satisfy your cravings — even if it’s not for a burger. Our menu also features comfort food favorites like chips and salsa, wings, mozzarella moons, fried pickles, and mac bites, and those are just the appetizers!

You’ll also find a variety of salads as well as several sandwiches, chicken tenders baskets, nachos, fried catfish baskets, and a whole lot more. With beers on draft and even a couple of wines to choose from, we can quench your thirst as well. In other words, you’re sure to find something to love at Mixed Up Burgers!

A Look at Our Unique Comfort Foods

When it comes to comfort foods, everyone likes something different. Luckily, we do it all. We offer several vintage burgers like the Shackadelic (bacon, mushrooms, and swiss cheese), the Tex a Wowie (ham, pineapple, teriyaki, crushed red pepper, and provolone cheese), and the Chowboy (barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, relish, and Mixed Up Sticks). 

Sometimes you just want something that is familiar, but different. We have that too! The Up and Comers section of our menu is sure to delight your taste buds. Take the Italian Mubster for example. It’s made of hamburger and sausage mixed together with mozzarella cheese and topped with pepperoni, more mozzarella, pizza sauce, and parmesan. We serve it on a perfectly toasted ciabatta bun, and it is absolutely perfect.

Or how about the Frito Pie Burger? As its name suggests, it’s a burger mixed with Fritos, red onion, jalapenos, and cheddar jack cheese. We top it with a heap of homemade chili and then throw on more Fritos and cheddar jack for good measure. It’s a winner.

Really want to take it to the next level? Oh dear friends and neighbors, do we have the thing for you. Our Chicken Fried Steak Burger consists of breaded ground sirloin, deep fried and then drizzled with the perfect amount of brown gravy. We serve it up nice and hot on a corn-dusted kaiser bun. Let’s just say that it’s a game changer.

Come and Eat Your Fill

Perhaps best of all, we have specials every day of the week. In other words, there’s no reason not to come and see us! Whether you’re craving one of the burgers we mentioned above or you have something custom in mind, we’d be happy to grill you up one of the best burgers you’ll find anywhere. It’s easy to bring in the kids as well if you like, and we have a menu for them. On Saturdays, our kid’s meals are even half price! 

No matter who you are or who you’re with, at Mixed Up Burgers, our goal is to offer a relaxed atmosphere, a friendly staff, and some unforgettable foods. It’s a simple mission, sure, but it’s one that we’re passionate about. After all, is there anything better than hanging out with the people you love and eating great food? We’d argue that there’s not.

Plan a time and then stop in and visit us today. We really look forward to seeing you!