Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? If that’s the case, then the people who visit Mixed Up Burgers to have a meal are just flat-out awesome. Now we’re not trying to brag or anything, it’s just that we take great pride in the fact that we make some of the best burgers in Grand Prairie and the surrounding area. We’ve worked hard to perfect our craft and we can confidently say that the results speak for themselves.

You may also know that we have a pretty wild menu. In addition to our famous mix-ins (which are ingredients that we literally mix into your burger patty, then grill it up hot and fresh for you), we also offer a number of unique creations that we’ve already thought of for you. But what does your favorite burger say about who you are? Let’s take a look.


Our Shackadelic burger comes with bacon, mushrooms, and swiss cheese. If you’re the type of person who gravitates towards the Shackadelic, you love tried-and-true classics. Enjoying the classic combinations present in this burger also mean that you love simple elegance. After all, is there anything more wonderfully elegant than the flavor combination of swiss cheese and mushrooms? 


Onion. Jalapenos. Cayenne pepper. Cheddar-jack cheese. What can make a burger with these ingredients better? The fact that it’s topped with chili. That’s our Tooter burger, and it’s a customer favorite. But what does it say about you if you like it? It says that you’re willing to take a walk on the wild side, that you enjoy finding the spice in life. That’s pretty darned cool if we say so ourselves.


With a combination of barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese mixed in, and a helping of relish and our Mixed-Up Sticks served on top, our Chowboy burger is really something else. The winning combination of barbecue sauce and cheddar combined with ground beef is already pretty great, but the texture of the relish and the sticks on top is a game changer. What does this burger say about you? It says that you’re a lone wolf who enjoys a bit of variety. That’s a-okay with us, pardner.

Love Burger

Our Love Burger has ham, pineapple, and provolone mixed into the patty. If that sounds good, don’t worry, because it only gets better! From there, we drizzle it with teriyaki glaze, then serve it hot and fresh on a toasted glazed donut. It’ll knock you right out of this world. If this burger appeals to you, it says that you’re up for pretty much anything. You love trying new things and you’re curious about how everything fits together in the world. We love your attitude as much as you love this burger!

Chicken Fried Steak Burger

We take freshly ground sirloin, bread it up, deep fry it, then drizzle it with brown gravy and serve it to you on a fresh kaiser bun. Basically, it’s like when one classic meets another. The result is a unique twist on a couple of favorites. What does this say about you? More than anything, it says that you love consistency, but you’re more than willing to look for ways to change things up a bit and make the world a better place in the process. How about that!

Visit Our Restaurant Today

We learned an awful lot about you just by analyzing the type of burger you enjoy. Crazy how that works sometimes! How accurate were we? Stop in today and let us know. Of course, if none of those burgers suits your fancy, we have a whole menu of other great foods to choose from. And as we mentioned above, you can also choose your own unique combinations of mix-ins to craft your own winning combination. What that says about you is that you know what you want. Stop in and see us today!