1. Nothing Beats a Good Meal With Great Friends

    You love your friends, but when is the last time you spent some quality time together? There’s no shortage of things to occupy our time. From getting the kids ready for school in the morning to endless meetings and emails at work to running errands, grabbing groceries, and making dinner at night, …Read More

  2. Unlock the Secret to a Perfect Day

    When is the last time you had the perfect day? If you’re lucky, it might have been yesterday. You  know...one of those days where the sky opens up and everything aligns perfectly and you get home and think…”Wow, now that was a great day!” For others, it may have been awhile. It can happen; …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons Today Is the Perfect Day For a Burger

    At Mixed Up Burgers, our goal is to offer the best burgers in Grand Prairie — or anywhere else for that matter! We do that by allowing you to pick which “mix-ins” you want, then from there, we quite literally mix them into the burger patty, flatten it out, and then grill it up. The end result …Read More